Laptops within the Middle School

Laptops within the Lab Middle School Community

For my photo essay, I decided to interview different 8th graders about their thoughts on the new laptops provided by Lab. I went to take photos in Ms. Miller's creative writing class. When interviewing students, a lot of them commented on how efficient it is when taking the in-class work home and the different applications provided on Lab School laptops. I interviewed six different 8th graders. The question was "What do you think of the new laptops provided by Lab School? Do they help your education?".  I did this for my photo essay because I think it was important to see how younger students would cope with the technology.

8th graders, Alice (Left) and Julia (Right)
I interviewed Alice.
Alice answered "I think they are very useful in humanities and
science. In science we are able to work on classwork at home
because we have access to the application used in class. It is
very efficient."

8th graders, Abe (Left) and Will (Right)
I interviewed Abe.
Abe answer "I think they are very useful because it is much easier
to access things than to check your folder and go through all those
papers. In math, since we have the computers, we can easily access
Desmos (a graphing calculator)."

8th graders, Kira (Left), Daniela (Center), and Sophie (Right)
I interviewed Kira and Daniela.
Kira answered "I love the laptops because it makes it much easier
to take notes and do research and personally I think they have def-
finitely helped my education because I am very slow when I hand
write so having a laptop is much better!"

Daniela answered "I think they're very useful and helpful to my ed-
cation because they help people write papers and do research more
8th graders, Philip (Left) and Todd (Right)
I interviewed Philip.
Philip answered "I think they are useful for doing electronic type
activities in class and saving it on your computer so you can work
on it at home. I also think it is very useful for writing in-class pa-
pers. It gives teachers a new method to incorporate in the Lab curriculum."

8th graders, Daniela (Left), Sophie (Center), and Grace (Right)
I interviewed Grace.
Grace answered "I think they're very useful and helpful to my
education because they help people write papers and do more
research easily. It is also much quicker to access files."


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